Jersey Staffing Solutions, LLC is a unique, woman owned staffing firm, based in Morris County, NJ. We represent our clients with respect, first and foremost, while providing an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and growth for our employees. These combined attributes allow us to provide the best customized solution for you, the customer. At Jersey Staffing the candidates and clients that we represent come first.


The reason Jersey Staffing came to be:

As the daughter of a small business owner, entrepreneurship runs through my veins. I see a problem and I am drawn to identifying a solution and implementing a plan to make the pain go away. Roughly 7 years into my Recruiting career, it occurred to me that recruiting wasn’t as fun as it used to be. Everything became transactional and was no longer about making the perfect match for both the Company and the Candidate. My job became so driven my numbers and statistics, that my purpose as a Recruiter was getting lost. That is when I decided to venture out on my own and founded Jersey Staffing. With no assets to my name, in a down economy, getting a business loan was no easy task. After much determination and persistence, I received a small SBA loan and started Jersey Staffing in the conference room of my mother’s Accounting Firm. From there, things moved fast.


What types of Customers find value in working our brand and why?

While Jersey Staffing can provide recruitment services for all, we find we are most successful clients are within the SMB market. Small to mid-size companies typically don’t have an HR team or perhaps they do, but not someone who can focus all their energy on recruiting. These types of clients appreciate our hands-on approach to recruiting. Our brand is that we go, “Beyond the Resume” to find their next hire. We act as an extension of their organization to represent their brand and company culture as if we are part of their organization. We bring back the meaning of customer service and always putting their best interests over everything. We don’t flood our clients with resumes, but rather we send them 2-3 properly vetted candidates that we know jive with their culture, position need, company quirks, etc. In addition, our services don’t end once we place someone. We continue to support our placed individuals with our HR certified backgrounds and we also provide quarterly Continuing Education Events.


What motivates me and my team to wake up and come to work every day?

We have this saying here, “No Energy Vampires Allowed” from a book we live by here called, “The Energy Bus” – by Jon Gordon. We truly enjoy working with each other and the energy of our roller coaster ride in the world of Recruiting. We are excited when we make the perfect match and all parties involved are happy. Knowing we are helping someone find their dream job, put food on their table, provide for their families and more is rewarding for us. Hearing a client tell us we exceeded their expectations and that their own job is improving because of it, is amazing to hear.


What is the most significant achievement or challenge I’ve had since opening Jersey Staffing?

So many great things have occurred since starting Jersey Staffing, including being featured in Forbes Magazine and NJ Monthly Magazine as a Leading Women Entrepreneur, recognized by NJBIZ as a 40 under 40 leader and ranking as a Top 15 Staffing firm in NJ. With all that being said, our biggest achievement is building a team that believes in our mission. Without them, Jersey Staffing wouldn’t be here.


Jersey Staffing Solutions, LLC Misson

"To provide our customers with exceptional staffing solutions by 'going beyond the resume'; delivering solutions based on trust and integrity with a singular customer focus."




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