We give you one-on-one personal service
"…they make you feel comfortable during what is normally a very stressful process."
How can we represent your best interests and those of our clients if we don't get to know you and build a foundation? It is important to us to get to know all of your skills and abilities so that we can consider you for any opportunities that may be a fit. Should it happen that we don't have the perfect fit at the time, we will work with you to maximize your job search efforts. We offer free resume writing and job search coaching to all of our candidates. In addition, we have developed a strong network of resources that we will happily share with you, that may just have the perfect opportunity for you!

We provide you with regular updates
"…stayed in contact with me consistently in between meetings."
We know the waiting game can be a headache. Our recruiters will be honest and upfront with you from the beginning and will provide you with regular updates throughout the interview process.

We prepare you
"All the information that Jersey Staffing gave me, such as the tips on the interviewing process and resume preparation were excellent." Interviewing can be scary and intimidating. Sometimes how one prepares, dresses or responds in an interview can make all the difference in whether they get the job. We provide our candidates with interviewing advice, tips and suggestions that will set them up for success.